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Tomato is rich in vitamins and it is work has a great anti-oxidation power. We can use tomato juice to remove dead skins, in face and other body skin areas. It is effective as a natural exfoliator and toner.  Cut tomato in to two equal parts. Apply one half of tomato juice on the skin after mixing with some salt. Leave it for few minutes to react  and wash it off with clean water.

You can nourish your skin in order to improve the skin complexion.

 Use the other half of tomato and get the juice. Then mix tomato juice with one spoon of rice flour well. 

Apply the mixture over the face and other exposure skin areas. Leave it for few minutes until become dry and wash it off with clean water. 

  If you use the treatment regularly you will get a nice fair skin. You can use it daily basis before go to bed or morning.

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