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Every person in the world expect good happily partner. You also. But still you are single it's not only your wrong.

Read below points also.

1.You are too busy

Sometimes we will too busy. But in a relationship you should spend time with your partner. If not that relationship become week.

2.You are respect your freedom

A good couple doesn’t like stay alone and get decision alone. They always try to do works together.

Still you don't ready to it and if you decision making alone that's the reason for still you are single.

3.You are not permanent

If you face big change in your life- like attend to new school, go to new job, go to new residence

This can be the reason for your loneliness. Be permanents in your new situation. Love will come to you.

4.You can't stop thinking

If you can't stop thinking about your previous relationship that can be the reason for your loneliness. Stop thinking about person who never come back. Ready for new life.

5.You don't know what do you want

You don't have an idea about who should be your partner and what do you want from them. You are confusing about it. Therefor you will afraid to make relationship.

Ask others ideas. Make friendly relationships with others. Then you will can get idea.

6.You are uncomfortable due to your body.

You will afraid about your body that you can see in mirror. But don't be afraid. Do exercises, follow good health habits, run, lift stairs.

But don't get sad about today shape.

7. If you are not encourageble in your action.

Do you think that your partner will imagine one day forward in yours? That will not happen. You should make chances for it. Go to beverage shop, library or park. There will be a person that will catch your eyes.

Do you thought to release in single life?Don't worry.You can do it. Be confident.

Do you find a partner? Fine. be happy.

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