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If you say mummies, then it is Egypt. But surprisingly, a mummy was discovered from China that was preserved so well that it even had skin and eyelashes intact.

The mummy belongs to the Lady of Dai, or Xin Zhui. She was the wife of Marquis of Dai of Han Dynasty.

It is 2,000 years old and is the best preserved human mummy found. 

However, her skin was still moist, joints flexible, every feature remained intact upto the eyelashes and hair in nostrils. Even blood was remaining inside her veins. When the tomb was opened, the body reacted with oxygen and damaged its looks.

It was concluded that she died from a heart attack in her 50s. She was also suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol. 

The tomb was 12 m underground, locked inside four coffins. Her body was wrapped in 20 layers of silk.

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