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7 postures you should improve in work place.

Do you know the posture is the reason for your numerous body aches?

1.Sit straight and tall

Push your hip back in the chair and sit with straight back. Ages back rest of chair in necessary height. Keep 2 feet near and well in ground.

If you want you can sit in a cushion pillow.

2.Keep the keyboard closer to your body 

Keep key board straight forward in your body and make shuwer that all keys are center in your body.

3.Don’t sit too high

That can cause to ankle swelling. Therefor don't sit in high. All workers need 16-21 inches height from ground. Don't prepare seat height let slip your feet tips.

4.Raise your work surface if required

If you are a tall one adjust your working table in your proper height.

5.Support your back

This can help prevent slouching. The back rest of proper seat should 12- 19 inches.

6. Adjust the height of your screen

Adjust screen in your eye level. If you want to do that put your lap on a small box or like that thing.

7.Adjust your armrest

Support your shoulders by your armrest. It will help to divide heavy become shoulders.


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