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This mother lost her child due This mother lost her child due to some mistake in Facebook. Keep your eye open.

Internet and social web sides are full of curse and blessing. This mother had to teach it in very painfully. Everyone get right decision after reading this. It will help our children welfare.

Imagine that some stronger person send a friend request. You don't know him. But if his profile picture is attractive you will accept that friend request.

All things will forget quickly. But you should have to do something very carefully. In first day your child attends to school you get lot of photos and upload it in your Facebook account and you write like this.

"What a day? Unbelievable. My sweat hart become big now" Then you write the school name and upload it also. Your work is finish but consequences are terrifying.

You can't believe what happen. The stranger that you become friend within several days is downloading these images and upload it internet among men. Then he writes like that post.

"Young blood. Even 6 years old. Only 10,000 rs"

You have no idea about what has happened. Because all things are doing back of you. After several weeks you go to school carry out your sweatheart.But child is not here. You ask everyone is my child see? But anyone not showed your child.

What has happened? Can you understand? Your children can abduction. So don't do this mistake ever. Never accept friend’s requests in strangers. Small friends list is better than happening like that things.


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