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Crying is the easiest way and hardest way to tolerate a pain. Because society will count about you. But there were so many leaders in the past they have cried even in public. But they were good leaders. And society respect them always. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Barack Obama are most famous leaders who have cried public. 

There are some characteristics who cry.

They don’t afraid to feelings. They can cry for any kind of feeling such as anger, disappoints and fear. Therefore feelings cannot make afraid you. Crying is the best way to ignore the feelings. 

They have less caring about social reactions. Many strong person have raised their hands against the social reactions such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. People who cry can stand strong against the social reactions. 

That can make u a leader. The first person who share own tear with others can win the belief of members in the team. Then he can be a good leader.

That can prevent you break by stresses. No matter what will happen you can cry then you can make strong before the break you by stresses. 

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