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urging from parents that keep their kid's baby teeth.

Fallen teeth are one sign of they are growing. One fairy tale has a story coins are kept under the pillow after tooth fallen.

Their for parents put coins under the pillow after tooth fallen to celebrate their kids growth.

There are maDoctors ny traditional thing about this teeth fallen.

Many people throw tooth over the roof. They think it gives fortune to them.

What can do after teeth fallen in kid?

According to studies in 2003 they said that if we protect fallen teeth its containing stem cells can help many medical problems in late years.

So if you think fallen teeth give money protect it well.This can if you want to develop Collectibles such as brain cells, heart cells.

But keep it fresh for your child's teeth because stem cells are losing strength over time.

Safely put your baby's teeth in a box or hand over to services like store a tooth for protect.

Store this tooth in nitrogen liquid. It can protect stem cells in many years.

After baby growth he wants stem cells you can get that tooth and hand over it to doctors.

If you want more information about tooth stores check internet.


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