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The most important things you should know about mosquitos.

We will like to warmer months than chills winter. But problem is we have foe in these months. Not large one. Very small one. Name is mosquito.

This mosquito carries Malaria, Dengue fever and Encephalitis. Actually what do you know about mosquito? How repel them?

How prevent itching after mosquito bite?

History of mosquito and facts.

Mosquitos date back 100 millions of years and in today we can found 3500k of species. They live anywhere that's not continually frozen.

Female mosquito only bites us. The reason for that is they want blood for protects their eggs.

Their vision is weak but they have good heat sensation. Their for they are easy to find blood vessels in skin surface area. They don't bite you. They stub with their proboscis and soak blood.

Even male or female their life cycle is 10-100 days only. Female mosquito can store 200 of eggs and these eggs can survive in 5 years & days go to egg become a mosquito.

The sound you had here from mosquito become in their wings. They move their wings 500 times per 1 second. This is an invitation for male mosquitos to mating.

How Repel Mosquitos

Follow these tips:

Avoid wearing dark clothes.

Avoid eating high-potassium foods.

Remove places that standing water.

Eating garlic as they can’t stand the smell. Remember mosquitoes smell is 10,000 greater than our own.

Drink tonic water it’s reduce your carbon dioxide levels.

How to prevent itching.

After mosquito bite that place become itching and swelling. You can get comfortable with this methods.

Use Cortisone 10 and put them on the bite directly.

Try putting a bit of baking soda with water into a paste and apply it on the bite.

Apply some liquid soap on the bite without rubbing it.

Apply some Vicks

Apply a some hot chili sauce 


We think that you will get some knowledge about mosquitos. There are many mosquitos born in 1 year. We think that methods will help you.


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