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Delicious diet from potato and yogurt. 5kg from 3 days.

Do you want to lose your weight in 5kg from one weekend? Yes you can. Follow this method.

Potatoes full your stomach within long time there for you shouldn't eat more calorie.

You want only potato and low fat yogurt drink for this diet.

Starch contain in tomato start to swelling our stomach. Remember that you should only eat baked potato not eat fried potato.

There are more fibers in potato there for it will helps to weight loss fast.

75 calories in 100g of potato. It is low than calorie in one orange juice (it contain 90 calorie)

Yogurt regular the digestive system and remove extra fluids in our body.


This is diet

First day for breakfast need to eat one boiled potato (without salt) and to drink 1 glass of yogurt. For lunch you need two boiled potatoes (without salt) and 1 glass of yogurt. And for dinner should only drink two glasses of yogurt.

Second day for breakfast should only drink one glass of yogurt and the lunch is the same as the first day. Skip dinner on the second day.

Third day for breakfast need to eat only one boiled potato (without salt). For lunch you will need to eat one boiled potato (without salt) and one glass of yogurt. The dinner is the same as in the first day 


If you are exercising regularly or you have some kind of health problems then this diet is not recommended for you. Remember that this diet is only three days, so do not use it for a longer period.

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