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Women are the human being who have unlimited tolerance. They always bear their children, grow them, educate them and the look after about husband. These are some duties that women do always. But you have to know, don’t go with them shopping. You will never do this again if you have gone shopping with them. 

1. Hold Her in Your Arms

When she is in a problem touch her hand tightly. Let her feel to ‘I am always here for u’

2. Allow Her to Talk

Give time to talk her to express her feeling.

3. 3. Give Her Alone Time

If she like to being alone for some time let her to be alone. Meeting her friends will be great for her mental level.

4. Pray for Your Wife

According to your fait pray for her and that will be a strong physical help for her. 

5. Relax Together

Go somewhere with her to be relax together. To watch a movie or somewhere with freedom will help her to relax her mind.

6. Listen

Women are very talkative and they have things to talk without any time spacing. Let her to talk and that will solve her half of question. 

7. Seek Professional Help

Try to give her a help by professional person who can help her for fallen apart.

8. Help Her Avoid Burnout

Let her feel that she is not alone and you will there for her at any moment when she needs you. 

9. Encourage Her

Encourage her to do things and make her mind.

10. Take a Vacation

Go for somewhere that will refresh your mind.

11. Buy Her a Gift

Not a financial value but the nice thought will make her happy. 

12. Take a Day Off

If you can take a day off and help her to take monthly household items se will be very happy.


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