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7 definite signs that you should can know if your husband or boyfriend truly love you.

1.He cares of you

If he happy when something good happen to you never leave him.That means he is with you every sad and happy times.

This people give you gifts not only special days , ordinary days also.

2. He wants to do best thing for you

He wants to do best thing for you Specially with your relations and friends.In that times you haven't get support from them he always get your side.

3.Treat you well

His feelings about you are completely honest.He well identify your feelings, thoughts and needs.

4. Spend time with you

This person always found time spends with you.Never let to go like that person.

5. You are the priority of his

You will first place in his mind and he things you are a future part of his life

6.He wants to tell about you with others.

If you feel he got happy holding your hand in public that means he wants to tell about you with others.He try to stay with you in all family functions.

7. Honesties

The other factor of you should know is he told you completely truth about his past relationships and can he protect promises of yours.This is the matching person for you. Both you can live very happily.

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