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SuSurprising benefits of Listerine mouth wash

New statistic tell that there are many people use Listerine mouth wash in today 

But Know this benefits you don't know about Listerine.

Avoid sweating

You can prevent uncomfortable due to sweating from Listerine. A cotton ball drenches into Listerine and put it under the axila.If not apply directly by using small bottle.

It prevent sweating and bad odor.

For dandruff

Listerine use as a anti dandruff before it use a mouth wash.There are four ingredients are in Listerine. It acts like antiseptic and anti-fungal medication.

Wash hair and scalp by 1/4 Listerine and 1 cup of water mixture.It prevent sweating and avoid odor.

For lice

If your hair has lice soak hair well by Listerine. Then cover your hair within 1 hour and wash by shampoo.Lice and their eggs will be destroying.

Skin break down

Alcohol in Listerine for disinfection is help to prevent pimples and protect skin. Soak a cotton ball in Listerine and put it the place of pimple.


Odor in feet

Many people suffering from this odor.If you have this problem Soak your feet by mixture that 2part of Luke warm water and 1 part of Listerine within 20 minutes.It will help to prevent sweating and destroy bad odor.

Toenail fungal infections

Listerine helps not because of preventing odor of the feet but because of prevent fungal infections. Do above activity. You can prevent it.

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