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Why do ATMs have convex mirror?

Have u ever wonder about convex mirror in ATM machine. Is there any purpose? This is the reason for convex mirror.

We have some afraid of taking money in ATM machine if some see our pin number or other details.

We forget convex mirror in front of the cash counter in ATM machine.

This convex mirror helps to see wide background and it prevent see your pin number from others.

If you go to ATM machine in next time check this mirror and sure your protection.

Let's know some information abut ATM machine.


What is ATM?

ATM means Automated Teller Machine. There are 3 millions of ATM machines have in the world (still counting)


Where the 1st ATM machine established?

It was established in Enfield, London at 1967


Why its pin number has only 4 digits?

The man who created ATM machine was suffering fro dyscalculia. He only can remind 4 digits for one time. That is the reason for it.


ATM machines in Brazil are changeable

They use their fingertips as their pin


When the 1st ATM machine established in India.

It done at 1986. It was established in bank of Mumbai. Surely it must very proud movement for India.


What happen when an ATM machine was stolen?

All ATM machines are connecting with GPS. Therefor in a robbery they can identify what is the ATM machine and thief can't run far away. 

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