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There are 4 types of blood types. They are A,B,AB, and O. these 4 types are various by one to another.

 Many people with O type of blood are very social, creative and confident. People with A type of blood are peaceful and reliable. People with B type of blood are strong enough to see the end. People with AB type of blood are sham and responsible people. 

Blood type and pregnancy

People of AB type o blood is very prone to conceive quickly. 

Blood type and stress

People with O type of blood are very good to tolerate excessive stress. They have higher adrenalin level.

Blood type and body weight

People with O type of blood will have a high risk of fat body. 

Blood type and offspring

Rh negative mother and Rh positive father will have a baby. But the baby is more prone to get various kind of healthy issues. 


Forget about all the tings. If you are in a accident your blood group is very important to transfuse blood immediately.

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