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The shape of your toes tell about your personality.


There are some findings says that the toes shape can tell about your personality.

Roman toes:

Famous shape of toes.The big toe large and other toes gradually small.These toe shaped people are friendly.They like most peoples and most peoples also like them.

Fire toes:

2nd toe longer than big toe.Other toes are gradually small.These people are creative.They strongly love others and joyful people.

Square toes:

Every one in 5 has this shaped toes.These all toes same in size and only big toe just longer.They are incredibly thoughtful, Get decisions after thinking long time.

They solve problems by patience and honestly.

Extra small toes:

This is same in Roman toes but small finger is very tiny.These shaped people are secretive and shy.

Wide toes:

If your toes have wide space that is feet of a traveler. If you have a trouble on the way but you go happily.

Warrior toes:

Big toe large and other all toes are same in size.These people however finally true their decision  

Inclined toes:

The 2nd toe inclined opposite side of big toe. These people naturally silent and protect peace.

Stretched toes:

Big toe stretch from others. These people get fierce independency.

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