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Aging, increase mental stress, smoking, sun exposure, sudden weight loss and vitamin deficiency are the most common causes to wrinkling skin. Many creams will promise you to remove wrinkles but they are very expensive. Those cream have produced by using many chemicals which cause to inflammation and skin rashes.

Here we are explaining a treatment that will help you to reduce skin wrinkling.


20g of Yeast

2 teaspoon of Lemon juice

How do you apply this?

Mix yeast and lemon juice well. You can use also grapes juice or cranberry juice. After that the container of the mixture put in a bowl filled with hot water for 2 3 minutes. Then apply this paste in your face. Wash out with warm water.  Apply some moisturizer cream.

This mixture should not to be used much more. Applying 1 - 2 times per week is enough. Yeast will help you to prevent hair lose and increase hair growth. 

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