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Nowadays people think about food and exercises very much. Century ago people have no obesity and no cardiovascular diseases. The people who lived in those days are very active and they take natural harmless food.

Engineers create various kinds of machines that reduce human activates. Instant food and less exercises lead people to many diseases. Especially cardiovascular diseases and digestion issues will be occur. Many instant food content fat, sugar and salt. 

What are the healthy foods? It should not explain that instant food has salt, sugar and fat highly. They are very danger to take regularly. Those food can make many diseases. You should change your food pattern. It is not suitable to take same food through the whole day. Various food will stimulate your appetite also.

Many people missed their breakfast. They take a cup of tea and start the day. In busy days they have a small diet for lunch and have a heavy dinner. This is very harmful. You will be very fat. You should take a good breakfast to have energy to start the day. 

If you have well balanced diet it will be useless if you do not do exercises. Human body has created to make more movements. Exercise will make strong muscles and shape body. You can get a great looking as exercises. As well as you will free from many disease conditions. 

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