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Women spend more time to be a beautiful woman. They always spend money as well as time. But being beautiful naturally is very effective.

Hair is great door to be a beautiful woman. To protect your hair use this treatment. Take some lemon juice and Aloe Vera. Mix those with your shampoo and apply to the hair normal way. Wash out it. 

Use Henna for your eyebrows. Prepare this as instructions of the packet. Use thin brush to apply this. 

For beauty of your eyelashes use this treatment. Take clean mascara brush and empty nail polish container. Put some Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera juice and castor oil. Mix those and apply to te eyelashes before go to the bed every night. 

Cut your nail as U shape.

Use some tooth paste and brush your teeth twice a day. To reduce mouth odor use some salt water to wash out your mouth.

Use your foundation powder which is suitable for your skin well.

Remove all the hair of your face. Use some cream for 3-5 minutes and remove hair. Then you will not feel muscle ace when you are removing hair.

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