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There are lots of Cockroaches eliminators to sell. They are very effective but harmful for your health. No one need to see Cockroaches in the home. So we have a great solution for Cockroaches. You can use this homemade treatment.


• Egg yolk – 1

• Boric acid powder – 30 to 50 grams

How do you make this?

Mix egg yolk and boric acid powder until you have a solid mixture.

Make balls with 1cm diameter.

Let them to be dry for 60 minutes.

Place those balls where cockroaches live.

Cockroaches will die soon after touch by this balls. You can use baric acid instead of boric acid powder. This acid will not harmful for you. During 4 weeks you can have a cockroach’s free home. However you have to repeat this treatment as there will be their eggs.

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