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Your smart phone will make a head ache sometime as phone battery dies quickly. Even your phone was very expensive after few months of buying the phone, phone battery will die quickly. So let’s see what the causes for this issue are. 

1. Display brightness

Your phone battery will allocate power for display brightness more than every other application of the phone. Therefore you had better keep it down wherever you are. 

2. Searching Wi-Fi

Always your phone tries to connect some network while searching 24 hours. It is a big capacity to your battery. So do not on the Wi-Fi searching icon. 

3. Unnecessary Permission for application

There are lot of social applications which try to ask access to your location. Then you will on the GPS. But this is unnecessary. You will change the location quickly. Then phone will search always where you are. Therefore you should not give permission to applications for getting location. 

4. Data on

Internet is very important thing in present world. But always power on of data is very disadvantage for your pone battery.  Social web sites will give notification second by second. Ten your will make n the display and vibrating. Then battery will die so quickly. 

5. Os updating

Your operation system will support you to stay long time. But if you are ignoring to update that your phone battery will go down quickly.  

6. Hardware issues

Even you follow all the things of below instruction your pone battery die so quickly. Then what is the matter? It is the hardware of your phone. Life time of the phone, type of phone will give answers for this. 

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