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Women are putting cabbage leave on their bre...reason make you happy.

There are many women in America and Europa have started to putting cabbage leave on their bre...

It prevents swelling of the bre... and pain and discomfort of bre... feeding women.

And also it prevents pain of uncomfortable bra.This cabbage leaves act as cold compress.

If you are a bre... feeding mother put cabbage leave in your bre... You can relief  pain.

How can do it?

Put cabbage leave in refrigerator at 1 hour and after it cool peel the outer layer.Then use inner 2 layers.

Wash this outer layer in cold water to remove patricides and insects.

Cut the stem of the cabbage. Then you can put cabbage leave without closing nipple.

Now put it in your bre....Don;t close nipple.

Put cabbage leave nearly 20minuts or leaves become hot. 

Do it if necessary.

If you are a bre... feeding mother do it daily and get comfort.

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