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Warts are cell growth which is painless. Those occur in feet and hands which has broken cells normally. But they are not malignant. Doctors say that warts are benign growth. 

Middle ages have so many warts in their bodies. Neck, abdomen, breasts, eyelids, hands and groins are more prone to occur warts. They cause to inflammation in sometimes. 

Removing warts is a huge problem to them. But we explained here a simple solution that which use by one ingredient. It is Apple cider vinegar.

You must keep in remember this. Do not use apple cider vinegar to eye or eyelids.

This is very simple. You have to wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Take cotton ball and soak with water. Apply it on the wart and leave it for 15 minutes. Take another cotton ball and soak it apple cider vinegar. Squeeze cotton ball on warts. Apply that cotton ball on the warts and leave it 10 minutes. This treatment should be performed for 3 times a day for a week. Then you can get good results.

According to the size of wart there will be a scar after removing this wart. You can use aloe Vera for that and scar will disappear. 


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