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Many people suffering from joint pain. That will be mild to severe pain. Heavy lifting will worsen the pain. Joints make movements in your body. If joint will disable you cannot move and there will be a pain also. 

This is a wonderful treatment that will help to reduce pain on your joints. You can make this in your home also. 

What do you need?

1 tablespoon of Cayenne pepper 

¼ cup of Olive oil

How to make this?

Mix those ingredients together. And apply it to affected area. Leave that for 15 minutes. Wash out it with warm water. 

You will feel great from first application. But you should apply this 2 3 times daily until pain disappears.

First application will feel you some burning sensation. If you have some hypersensitive skin you have to check it carefully. And you should use gloves when prepare this. You should be careful not to be eye contact with this mixture.

You should not apply this for opened skin and on wounds.

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