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Romantic relationship will be strong as love and belief. Romantic couples will trust each other’s. Unfortunately now a days relationships have no love. You have to recognize your partner very well. If your boy have following bad qualities DON’T MARRY HIM. 

Violence – if your boyfriend get angry for no reason with you it will make a pathway to physical violence. Firstly it will not be a physical violence. But words are is the first symptom for identify him.

Infidelity- if once cheats, he will cheat you again. So do not believe if he cheat you for once. The relationship will strong as the belief. 

Addiction – drug and alcoholism addiction is huge problem for the future. So don’t trust him if he said that I fix that addiction. Because those are very difficult make correct. 

Possessive Behavior – a good partner will be happy as your social relationship. But the bad partner will question about your relationships. So you have to live for himself and you will lose your dignity also. 


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