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People kis. other people in many occasions. But as a men you should know how to kiss passionately a women. That will increase your romantic feelings. 

All relationship will be strong by romantic kis.. kis. will boost your blood pressure and increase your heart beat. You should remember these things.

• kis. her gently. Bite her lips slowly while kis. her lips. kis. her neck and cheeks. 

• French kis. is most passionate kis. So kis. her gently and no hurry.

• Apply some lip balm before kis. her. No one like to kis. dry lips.

• If your relationship is much fresh do not take her into your bed room. You can kis. her firstly in a cinema hall or park.

• Tilt your head slightly while kis. her to avoid getting noses together.

• kis. her lower lips. Pay attention to her desire always. 

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