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It is necessary to make our eye brows from time to time for hold it beautifully, but what method you should use for it? tweezing? shaving? waxing? Seemingly tweezing is a safe method for eye brows making and also it can protect shape in your eyebrows longer time than shaving. But it can cause damage to the skin and hair follicles. Therefor showing small red blisters.


There is some practice need for threading. This method can remove hair both men and women. That's the greatest opportunity of it. Threading is less painful, faster and reducible skin damaged method than wax and tweezering.

Threading is perfect method for eyebrows making. In this method never break skin, not unnecessary redness or pigmentation. Threading dimidiate the hair follicle growth and become less density.


Wax is an old method women use for remove eye brows and other hair in the body. It need some practice.

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