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That is an one item of wrinkling in old age.Therefor we will expect winkling in adulthood but there are some bad behaviors make wrinkles in early age also

1. Smoking

This is a main factor for wrinkling.Thirfor stop smoking and protects your skin.

2. Your diet

If you want protect your skin You should consider about your diet. If you get unnecessary frequent of sugar and high glycemic foods your weight gain and you looks seen older.Suger molecules attached with proteins in skin and damaged it.Final result is lost the elasticity in skin. Actually the insulin level of body is increasing by trigger inflammation of sugar and carbohydrate mollecules.Inflammation made enzymes and these enzymes break down collagen and elastine.Theirfor skin sagging and wrinkling.

3. Alcoholism

The skin dehydrated from alcohol. Actually your skin not become fresh or moist next day morning.Over time skin dehydrate and lost the elasticity.Therefor skin wrinkling.Collagen playing main role for protect elasticity in the skin.Vitamin A is a main factor for production of collagen but alcohol destroy the Vitamin A.Therefor skin wrinkling.

4.Gum Chewing

Your skin wrinkling because of gum chewing. Leave these bad behaviors for protect your skin.

5.Not removing makeups

The skin wrinkling because of sleeping all over night without removing makeups.

6.Pull the skin for makeups

In that case skin become wrinkling. While makeuping if you not pull your skin unnecessary you can held your skin well.

7.Opening to the sun rise

Therefor breakdown the collagen fibers and skin wrinkling.Therefor you should protect from sunrise while working in outside.


If you sleep pressuring your face into pillow your skin can wrinkle.Therefor it should sleep supine position.

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