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impote..s not depending on the length of your pen... There are lots of things to make it real. We have done many bad things which decreasing power of man in our day to day living. 


1.You’re Not Exercising Enough

Men who exercise everyday have great erection. Try to do exercise 3 hours per week at least. 


2.You’re Smoking Too Much

Smoking leads to many disease conditions in our life. But the affect of sper.. is very high. So you should have stopped the smoking. It will hurt your impot.. 


3.You’re Not Getting Laid

If you have something, use it or lose it. So you have practiced to sex once a month increase that at least once a week. 


4.Too Much Junk Food

Eating much junk food will hurt your sex life. You will have erectile dysfunction. Most prepared food and chocolate, chips like that foods will destroy your happiness of sex life. 


5.You Don’t Sleep Enough

Take enough sleep to be a strong man. You should sleep 7-9 hours per day at least. 


6.You Are Not Washing Off the Sun Cream

Sun cream will protect you from UV rays. But the chemicals of the sun cream will decrease your fertility. So wash out it correctly to save your impo... 



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