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If you think always our health but we should consider about our personal hygiene.

Thre is nothing disagreeable thing than meeting person that doesn't care about personal hygiene. The causes of this are dirty clothes or bad smell in mouth.

These days bad odor of mouth become more populer.Some people really brush their teeth well but odor not vanish.The reason for it are their food habits and bacteria in their mouth.

No matter what is the reason bad odor of mouth can't remove easily. There  are many tooth paste and mouth wash in market and they all promise to help remove this bad odor. But It not happen only they will have cheap and more chemicals.threfor we will introduce premedy in home.

You need only

2 lemons

1 cup of lukewarm water

Half a spoonful of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate

1 teaspoon of honey


How it prepares

Put into a bottle lemon juice, cinnamon oil and honey (if you haven't honey use bicarbonate) then apply it water and mix it well. Then get 1or 2 table spoon for it and gargle the mouth and after few minutes spit it.

Cinnamon oil and honey can remove bacteria in your mouth, bicarbonate helps to whiteness of in your teeths,lemon juice gives pleasant smell and destroy bacteria in your mouth.

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