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You shouldn’t eat fruits right after your meal 

If you eat fruits after your meal fruits will not be able to reach your intestines.Reason is the food you’ve already eaten.

If they stay in your stomach then they will begin to spoil.it is best to wait for an hour before you eat any fruits, or eat them before your meal.

But the most suitable way would be to eat fruits on an empty stomach in the morning so your body can properly digest them and use the energy they provide throughout your day.


You shouldn’t loosen your belt after your meal.That is a bad thing.


You shouldn’t smoke right after your meal

when you smoke after you eat it has the same effect as smoking 10 cigarettes, which is never a good thing.


You shouldn’t drink tea after your meal 

That can very difficult to digest.That’s why it is better to drink tea at least an hour before you eat.


You shouldn’t go for a walk after your meal

That only make your digestion more difficult.That’s why if you are planning on taking a walk after your meal, you should at least wait for 30 minutes before you do so. 


You shouldn’t take a nap after your meal 

Taking a nap after you have eaten will only cause difficulties to your digestion, which might cause other gastric problems and intestine infections.


You shouldn’t take a bath after your meal 

After you take a bath the blood circulation in your hands, feet and upper torso will increase, while the circulation in your stomach area decreases, resulting in weaker digestion. That’s why baths are best taken 1-2 hours after meals, or before them.

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