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Night sweating is a huge problem. You will disturb your sleeping also. Unless your clothes or bed sheets have noting any wrong you should consider about the night sweating. 

1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 

If you have a airway obstruction you will stop the respiration for little time. Then you will have night sweating. 

2. Menopause:

Over 50 years old women may stop the menstruation. Then many symptoms will appear. Night sweating is most common symptom.

3. Anxiety: 

When you are in mental stress you will have night sweating. Religious activity, meditation or drugs will manage your anxiety. 

4. Illness: 

Various illnesses are sown first symptoms as night sweating. Bacterial infection, viral infection or cancer will show this symptom. So you have to visit a doctor if you have night sweating for nothing. 

5. 5. Low Blood Sugar: 


Diabetic or insulin will lead you to law blood sugar. You have change your life style and you will have a good sleep. 

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