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This seed contains different types of vegetable proteins It’s extremely powerful antioxidant, which is very useful in slowing down the aging process and tightens your skin as well. This seed regenerates the pancreas and helps eradicate diabetes, in a very short time The enzymes found in these seeds are just like natural remedy. They are extremely useful in reducing the swelling of internal organs, such as: kidneys, liver and pancreas. This seed helps to prevent arteriosclerosis


It’s also very useful in recharging the kidney enzymes and to eliminate the excess fluids from the human body.

It’s refreshing.

It’s very effective in treating hypertension,gastritis, stomach ulcers, gout, edema.

It also helps with obesity, swollen abdomen.

Works great against cellulite.


Recipe  : soak 5 tbs. of birdseed in water and leave them overnight. Then, in the next morning, you need to strain the water and put the soaked birdseeds into a blender. Add some soy milk or fruit if you want and blend. You can add some honey, but never add sugar. This birdseed milk is very nutritious and energy drink to start the day and a great way to end it. 

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