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Yulia Viktorovna Vins, also known as Julia Vins, is a 17-year-old Russian athlete that is drawing a lot of attention in social media. She might have the face of a doll, but her body looks more like one of an action figure And she didn’t really have an interest in bodybuilding or powerlifting at first.


But after working with a powerlifting trainer, she was hooked on and started to have amazing gains Julia is currently preparing for her first powerlifting tournament, which will be held in September.


As with anybody that goes against the stereotypes, Julia has had to deal with a lot of criticism and haters, but she also has a strong following and tons of supporters.


“There will always be people who respect my choice, or simply adequately explain why they don’t agree with it, but there is nothing to be gained by trying to defame someone who is following their dream,” she said about dealing with this situation.


This Girl Has A Pretty Doll-Face But Her Body Is Going To Surprise You plez  watch full video 

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