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Japanese women live 85 years.There is a big reason for their longevity.


Japanese women consume like that food.These are seaweed, soy, fish, fruits, vegetables, green tea, and rice. The traditional Japanese meals consists of soup, bowl of rice, grilled fish, cooked vegetables, fruits, and green tea. They are rich with anti-aging properties and helps in weight loss.


Japanese population are 2% of the whole world, but they consume 10% of all fish.

Japanese parents teach their children to eat slowly and they serve the different foods separately and in small portions.

They are slowly cooked.Breakfast is very important to them.They usually eat rice cooked by steaming, soup, tofu, seaweed, green tea, young garlic, and a piece of fish or omelet.

They don't eat sweet dessert.But they eat ice cream , chocolate and cake very smaal portions.

Also they do walking , biking .

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