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You want a girl friend to feel your life as heaven. But this type of girls will make your world as hell. Love is most beautiful thing in this world. But love will be beautiful if there will be trust and understanding mind. So try to recognize your girlfriend’s mind and early detection is easy to make your mind. Once your mind broke you never try to love. 

If your girl friend has this kind of habits you have to talk with her directly. If she changed you can continue this relationship. If not, you have to change your mind. 

The extremely clingy girl can’t do anything without you even in little things.

The obsessive possessive girlfriend will blame you if you did even a little thing without her.

The user type girl will try to use you as a great door opener of her life. After that you have to shut your mouth and stay along. 

The unapologetic girlfriend will act like she has not done a mistake before. But she tries to find your faults. 

The whiner type girl will make your life as hell. 

The confused girlfriend will suspect you always. 

The dominating and demanding girlfriend tries to control you. You have to do anything she says. 

The too opinionated girlfriend never like to change a decision even she is wrong.

The sneaky snoop type girl will check your phone every day.

If she is a fighter you have to face some hard situations. You have control her. Otherwise she will try to even slap you. 

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