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This message is for all the boys who interested to win girls’ hearts. It is very easy and here we have explained about that with 6 steps. Girls are not looking for gentlemen. But they are. Not for every single moment. But when we talk with girls it can realize they have several of interests. 

1.Be care of her and show it to her.

Always girls like to take care by her boyfriend. All the girls when in trouble concerned what you do for me. So please allow your time for her.

2.Don’t be afraid and to be cool

Be cool with her. Tell some stories or some lines with funny things. She likes that. You can win her heart by 2 minutes.

3.Act like another character. 

It is very important to be yourself always. But this is a great chance to win her heart by doing some little cheating. Act like her interest character and win her heart. 

4.Sacrifice your manliness.

Do some activities with her with no any results. Waste your time for her to do some play things like children. They keep it their hearts and you can win her heart.

5.Fake interests 

Tell her that you like also what she likes. And do something to trust those words. It is a little lie but she will love you for that matter.

6.Act like hard to win her.

Though you can win her easily behave like she is very important to you and you do not like to lose her.

There are no any special tricks but some lies and jokes. This can do not being yourself but take to being yourself. 


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