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Diet is very important for losing belly fat.We all want lean stomach.But burning the belly fat is a difficult process.The most important thing is what you eat.You must pay special attention to the food you eat.

But you shouldn't worried.because this article is about amazing drink for reduce bekky fat.This drrink will loss weight and burn belly fat.This is very simple and easy to make.

Follow the below instructions.

1.Take a bunch of parsley and blend it well.

2.Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add it to the parsley.

3.Add half a cup of water in the mixture and blend for a few more seconds.


For successful result,you should drink this empty stomach in 5 days.

Other drinks :

just slice different fruits and vegetables and put them in a cup then fill the cup  with cold water.Through this drink you can get vitamin.

Drinking  cold green tea will improve your digestion and reduce belly fat. You can add honey to sweeten it up. 

Watermelon is a common diet ingredient.it contain lot of water.mix yogurt and watermelon and drink.Then you can reduce your weight.

Don't forget.By hard working ,drinking lot of water , consume healthy food , doing excercises and get this drink,we can loss your belly fat in one month.

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