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When we have an injury or disease, the pain will be a bitter experience. In such a situation we are running to the pharmacies as an addictive habit to buy balms, plasters, Morphine tablets or chemical bandages. Did you ever think about to stop those addictive patterns? Or have you ever try to find a natural painkiller? This article will be change your mind and give you the ideal answer.

You can find some herbs from your garden or backyard to stop pains. Some natural plants are effective as a pain killer. “Wild Lettuce “ (Lactuca Virosa) is very effective natural pain killer. This plant has small yellow buds. Inside of its stem consists with thick milky liquid, and earlier it has used also as a substitutes to opium. But later it was become much popular as a pain killer and use for some sports purposes. 

We can prepare it according to 2 methods.

You can boil some leaves or stem of the plant, mixing with water and sugar. Or if you need you can dry those parts of the plant in order to make ‘tea’. Tea is the easy and most popular method. But remember you should avoid being addictive to it or excessive usages!


This natural pain killer is also effective for much more diseases, If you use its drink you can will get a relax feeling from migraines, Cough, Anxiety, Asthma, and insomnia.

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