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How can lightening skin in 3 days?

It is not necessary how old are you. Soft and silky skin make you look younger.these days environmental polution is highlly increase theirfor you should protect your skin moist, glow and fairness after you back to the home.These all things can do cheaply in home.

*Apple cream

Apple has alpha hydroxil acid. This may help to protect coloure and elasticity of the skin.Peeled apple slices soak with milk in 20 min.Then grind it become paste.Put that paste 10 min in fridge and apply skin and neck for 15 min. Wash it with cool water and massage from some ice cubes.You can got rose, soft, fair skin.Repeate it once a week.

*Cooled orange juice

Vitamin A and C remove spots in skin and protect coloure and tone.Use cooled orange juice 3 table spoons.Soak cotton wool in it and smoothly apply.After 5-6 min wash with cool water.Do it once a week.

*Potato juice

This juice will help to remove dust in face and also decreasing melaning formation, protect from uv and remove the oil in the skin.Make half ripe potato paste and mix bakin soda 1tea spoon and honey 1tea spoon.apply skin and neck for 5 min. and Wash it.

*Papaya and cucumber

This mixture reach with enzyme, vitamins and  antioxidants.It gives white skin by removing dark spots and colore changes.Get ripe Papaya and cucumber equel quentity and grind it become soft. then fresh milk 1 tea spoon mixe it and apply skin and neck for 10 min. Then Wash it.

*Aloevera and lemon

This mixture increase your blood circulation and give fresh, fair skin.Put Aloevera 2 table spoons and lemon 1/2 table spoon to half cup of water.Put the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze it.Massage from these ice cubes for 2 min.Do it everyday getting proper results.

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